Sixth Form Engineer in Essay Success

Upper Sixth Former Attends House of Lords after Essay Success

Shaan Fisher (U6th) entered the Supporters of Nuclear Energy Silver Jubilee essay competition over the summer and finished runner up.

Shaan writes: The date is 2073 and your essay tells the story of what has happened in the fifty years since the British Government finally started to take on board the superior benefits of nuclear energy......

In preparation for this question I did some research and also read "Arthur Turrell's" Star Builders which highlighted some fascinating solutions to our energy problems including one inspired by a shrimp which can create 6000 degree C plasma with the snap of its claws and technology like thorium fission can reduce waste by a factor of 10,000.

Unlocking the key to nuclear energy is said to be always 30 years away but I believe that with the exponential advances in AI and technology that this will finally come true and in 2073 nuclear energy will become mainstream. As a runner up, I had the privilege to be invited to the House of Lords where I had the opportunity to meet and listen to leaders in the field of nuclear energy.

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