i/GCSE Results 2022

I am delighted to report that pupils have exceeded expectations and delivered an outstandingly successful year of results.

I have included the results for 2019 and 2018 for comparison, as these were the last years that public exams were taken. In comparison to 2019 the percentage of A* grades has increased by 9.89% and that of A*- A grades by 4.12%.

Year9 (A*+)8 (A*)7 (A*-A)6 (A*- B+_
2019 66.488.597.0
2018 64.387.397.7



Headline Achievements

Of 159 pupils in the year group:

  • 43 students achieved 9 (the highest possible grade) in eight or more subjects.
  • 90 pupils, or 57% of the entries, achieved 5 or more 9s.
  • 141 pupils, or 87% of entries, were awarded 8 or more A* or A grades.
  • Every pupil in the year group took Maths; only one pupil was awarded less than an A*/A.

Eleven subjects exceeded 80% A* grades: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Double Science, DT, Eng Lit, Greek, History, Latin, Maths and Physics.  Within that group, Chemistry and Maths exceeded 90% A* grades; Art, Biology, Greek, Physics and Double Science all achieved 100% A*/A grades.

It has been a remarkable year, and after remarks I believe it will improve yet further. Many congratulations to pupils and staff, who have worked hard in adverse conditions to achieve exceptionally well.

Simon Everson